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Briana G is an NYC based Photographer with 10+ years of experience. She first started out taking pictures as a past time hobby and after doing one particular shoot with one of her close friends is when she realized that she had a gift. This hobby gradually turned into a passion; a passion for capturing beauty and visuals in every form.

Years later, she focused on building her brand all by herself through networking, sending her work to Photography internships, magazines etc. and was able to get her start in the Fashion world shooting New York's most popular fashion week-Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in 2013. Ever since then it 

became second nature to her and she has been doing it consistently for years. She has also collaborated with some of the top New York model agencies such as IMG, Wilhelmina, New York Models, and many more. Her work has been published in several well known Fashion publications such as ELLE, L'Officiel India, L'Officiel Singapore, Grazia Croatia, Essence Magazine etc.


Fascinated with bold colors, nature, all things vintage, and out of the norm locations, she focuses on making the most random things and people come to life through her work and hopes to make a mark in the photography world in the years to come. Anything and everything is worth being captured. Nothing and no one is exempt from the beauty of Photography. With this mindset, Briana hopes to be able to showcase all kinds of beauty all around the world through her lens.

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